There are lots of great wedding photographers out there. Some of the best wedding photographers in the world live right here in Brisbane.

So – why should you choose Images by Anderson to photograph your wedding? Three reasons.

One, we love photographing weddings.

What’s not to love? We get to spend the entire day with a bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives. We get to be part of the family for the day, and get to share all of that emotion from start to finish. It is intoxicating. When we collapse at the end of the day, we’re tired and sore, and we have the biggest grins on our faces. We’ve made friends and shared in something really special.

Two, we obsess about your making your images, your slideshow, and your album perfect.

We want to get it just right. We obsess a little bit. Stay-up-until-2am obsess. We pour a lot of ourselves in to each wedding, and dedicate a lot of time to creating imagery that will stay with you forever. We don’t shoot more than 12 weddings a year. Otherwise we’d go crazy.

And three, we want to make the feelings from your day last forever.

When your parents see your slideshow for the first time, they will cry. When your friends come to your house and see the canvas on your wall, they will stop and smile and relive the day with you. Year after year, when you cuddle up on your couch and look through your album or watch your slideshow, you will laugh and cry and tell stories about the day.

OK, sounds good. What’s next?

Give us a call or drop us an email, and we can make a time to have a chat with you, talk to you about what you want for your day, and show off some of our recent work. We’ll send you some more information about our wedding packages, and help you figure out what the best match is for you. Our wedding packages start at $2100.

We love it! Then what?

Your deposit secures your wedding date. Closer to your wedding, we’ll spend time with you for a pre-wedding consultation, both to plan the photography on the day, and to take some engagement portraits in a relaxed, informal session.

What does my wedding package include?

All of our wedding packages include principal photography by Kris Anderson, starting with bridal preparation, and finishing when your bridal party is presented at your reception. Some of our packages include a second photographer, to capture more of your day. Afterwards, your images will be carefully balanced and edited by Wanda Anderson.

All of our packages include a disc of proof images suitable for sharing on-line, as well as a password-protected gallery of wedding images for your guests to view. Every package includes a custom-designed album, starting at 10 spreads (20 sides). Our premium packages include larger albums or more pages. We can customise our wedding packages to make sure you get the things you want!


Would you like to know more? Just contact us and we can send you some more information.