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Kris Anderson has provided ImproMafia with promotional photography for several years. His approach is imaginative and theatrical, and we can always rely on the images he creates to indicate exactly what an individual show is all about. In fact, his knack for unique, creative approaches has given us a reputation for excellent promotional imagery!

Kris is helpful, easy to work with and genuinely enthusiastic about creating striking, unusual images. It’s my belief that his extensive experience in the performing arts allows him to easily grasp what we’re trying to get across. I’m known to comment after every promotional shoot with Kris that he’s reached his peak and will never be able to top this set of images – and every time, he does. I cannot recommend Kris highly enough.

Amy Currie, Artistic Director, ImproMafia


Kris is an complete professional who really knows performance and comedy.

Kris listened to us and understood what us and our show were about and worked tirelessly to nail the vibe and our excitement. Having limited experience with photoshoots before we didn't know what to expect, but Kris made us feel very relaxed, confident and supported. It ended up being an incredibly fun time! 

His images are really high quality and eye catching, which is exactly what we needed to stand out from hundreds of other shows in the festival. His work helped us shine through and we can't thank him enough!

Taylor Edwards, BangNation

The Sexy Detectives

Creating an image that is funny, exciting and arresting is no easy task, but Kris Anderson has mastered it.

The Sexy Detectives have worked with Kris numerous times, and we’ve always found him to be a true creative collaborator.

Kris draws on a wealth of experience, ideas and talent to make sure that every image really pops. Many of our favourite shots originated not from our brief but from Kris’ imagination. He’s blessed with an illustrator’s eye and a lively theatrical sense – qualities that have made him the ideal partner for our comedic weirdness.

Plus, he’s a wiz on the ol’ Photoshop, creating beautiful mind-bending marvels with the click of a few buttons (we can only presume).

It’s pretty easy for The Sexy Detectives to recommend Images by Anderson, no matter what the project.

David Massingham, The Sexy Detectives

Kimberly Dawn Lysons, singer-songwriter of Dawn

Another creative partnership behind Dawn is Kris Anderson and his wife Wanda Anderson. They are the killer team behind the striking photography featured on the album, website and social media.

They have been exceptionally attuned to the artistic direction given in the initial meetings with KDL, though have far exceeded any expectations!.

Francesca and Jeff Pang

We can’t thank Kris and his team enough for going above and beyond any expectation we could have had for our wedding over the weekend. He is so passionate about his work and this can not only be seen in the results but felt as each and every image is captured. He made us feel so at ease knowing that we wanted candid in the moment photos and the results so far are like something out of a fairytale which is what we all dreamed of. He not only was our photographer but he helped keep me calm when he could tell I was getting flustered and gave me time to breathe despite the time constraints.

I cannot thank him or recommend him enough. The experience you’ll have with Kris is like no other you will have had or have again. It is all about you! Just amazing and we thank you from the bottom of our heart of capturing our story in such a special way. Love the newly wed Mr and Mrs Pang.