Our production photography service captures the best moments from your show – both for promotional purposes, and to add to your archive as a record of the production. Good theatre photography is about anticipation – forseeing the big moments and the big transitions before they happen, and getting in the right position to make an image that captures the feeling.

Typically we will photograph a full tech/dress rehearsal, allowing us the freedom to move around the audience space and use a variety of vantage points.

On average we capture and deliver 50-80 images per hour of production, depending on factors including lighting and the degree to which the production aesthetics change as the performance progresses. Production images are delivered within three days of the session, and expedited delivery is available if a quicker turnaround is required.

As an optional extra, we can also photograph cast/crew headshots and a full cast shot suitable for programmes and social media. We photograph headshots prior to the rehearsal; you should allow 5 minutes per headshot participant, as well as time to reset for the rehearsal.