Having a portrait session is a bit of a chore, really. You have to get dressed up, meet some stuffy photographer, pose awkwardly for a while, and eventually get some photos that are pretty much just like the last time you had family photos taken…

Wait – that doesn’t sound like fun! Your session with Images by Anderson is going to be WAY more fun than that, from start to finish. What makes them better? Our photography sessions are pretty simple, really.

We’ll work with you to organise a session. We’ll figure out a location with great possibilities that is perfect for the sort of shoot you’re after.

We’ll give you advice on how to look your best. We’ll help you figure out a wardrobe that works with your location.

We’ll get to know you. We like to spend time getting to know you better, figuring out what you like and don’t like, and what makes you tick – all while taking your picture.

We’ll compose fantastic images. You’ll have the perfect mix of location, composition, and connection.

We’ll deliver amazing wall art. We use premium products from the best suppliers to make sure the finished product is something you treasure forever.

You know what else? You’ll have fun. At the end of a shoot, our clients will often say how fun and easy it was.

* This sounds TOO perfect. There has to be a catch, right? Yep, there is. We have a dirty little secret. We’ll tell you, but please keep it to yourself. Sometimes, just sometimes, we’re pretty horrible at remembering people’s names. During your session, your photographer might have a brain snap and lose your name, so we might give you a nickname. Hope that’s okay with you, purple-shirt-guy.


We love photography sessions with groups – from couples, to a family, to multiple families!

We’ll work with you to understand what you want from your session. A big group photo? Individual family members? Grandad and the kids? All of the siblings and mum and dad? No worries.

With a group session, we’ll find a location with lots of variety, so it’s just a short walk to a few different looks for your group.

Our usual group sessions start with individual portraits, and then move in to groups. By the time you’re in a big group looking over at a camera, we know you all pretty well.

If you’ve got really little ones that might run out of steam, we arrange the session around them. It’s just easier that way. We have kids. We know.


If you’re after a solo portrait session, we arrange those a little differently. We want you to end up with a great portfolio of shots with lots of variety – which means multiple locations and multiple wardrobe options!