One of our favourite pursuits is to create unique illustrative imagery to tell a story or convey a feeling – something that is normally challenging in a static image. If you can capture someone’s story, or find a way to express their feelings and communicate them clearly, that’s a pretty good outcome. Many of the normal rules and conventions of photography can be challenged in a format like this – we love to put images together that are almost, but not quite, like real life, with a twist or some kind of break in reality. We like to leave a little ambiguity in there too; it’s remarkable to us to hear how people interpret these images, you can learn a lot about someone from what they see in these and how they fill in the gaps.

We take commissions for illustrative projects. If you have a visual project you’ve always wanted to see come to life, and you can see how we could make that happen, contact us; we’d love to have a chat about it.